Why choose Ukraine Finance?

Across Ukraine Investors and Entrepreneurs are using Ukraine Finance because it is safe and effective.


The fact that securities between 1 and 3 times the value of investment is given, helps ensure that risk is minimised.


Investors create their own profiles whilst maintaining anonymity. Their data is held within the EU and data protection meets the highest standards.


investors have the best means of knowing that opportunities are real and that the Business owners can be trusted.

Our icon 100% Oligarch Free is no joke…

We are a team dedicated to the prosperity of Ukraine, Ukraine Business and our people. Oligarch’s shall not enter this site.

Ukraine Finance is about connecting people.

We do not provide a financial or investment service. Services that advertise on our site do so as advertisers, they are not our partners and we do not accept and responsibility or liability for their actions or inaction.

We do understand privacy though, so we offer a representation service for both Investors and Businesses. This service costs 15,000UAH per year and involves careful checking of members who will be represented by Ukraine Finance until the possibility of an agreement is high enough for the parties to be introduced.

Our unique approach allows businesses to show investors the value of their project, their credibility and business plan in a secure environment. Doing this online means that business people do not have to travel far and wide, have many meetings and spend time repeating themselves.

Ukraine Finance allows Investors to review projects, searched by industrial sector, region and city. At the same time, Investors can show, just once, that they have the ability and money to invest and address concerns that businesses have about their honesty and integrity. Ukraine Finance plays no active part in making investments or promoting business ideas. This way, we are genuinely an ‘honest broker’ with open hands for both business and investor.

We have very strict attitudes to property and proper conduct. Complaints will be investigated and fake, fraudulent or dishonest profiles will be removed and reported to the Ukrainian Authorities.

  • Trusted Network
  • Robust Privacy
  • Socially Aware
  • Business Sectors

At Ukraine Finance we are building a trusted network which will deliver success. Our constant drive for transparency and professionalism includes responding to complaints and removing profiles of those who do not meet the requirements. This is designed to reduce any conflicts and problems.

We will also meet as many Business people and Investors as possible, so that you know who we are and that we work to high standards.

This said, business is about risks that have to be managed, they cannot be removed. We ask both Business people and investors to make every check they need to ensure they make the right decisions for themselves.

Ukraine Finance cannot be held responsible for the actions and outcomes of a Business person or an investor.

Ukraine Finance uses security and password technologies which build trust between us, Investors and Businesses.

For those seeking additional security, we offer our ‘Private Client’ service, where we act as representative of the Private Client during the process.

We act as a representative

We store all our data within the EU and operate under the General Data Protection Regulations, some of the highest data protection regulations in the world.

We do work with the authorities to root out crime and corruption. But we protect our honest clients data and will not divulge details without lawful order which meets EU standards.

Ukraine Finance is socially aware. We are proud of Ukraine and the achievements of Ukrainian people. We also know that there are many important social causes.

Each year we will donate money to important causes. Former members of the ATO and those displaced by the Russian Invasion and Occupation who are seeking investment, will have their business ideas featured free of charge.

Businesses can raise money for the following:

New Ventures, Business Expansion, Business Acquisition, Franchising, Asset Finance, Bridging Finance, Cash-flow/Liquidity, Construction, Repair and Fit-Out, Corporate Finance to support Operations, Contract Finance to support Contracts to Supply, Business Restructuring, Equipment Finance, Equity Finance, Factoring,  Joint Ventures, Mezzanine Finance, Trade Finance, Venture Capital.

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How much does it cost?

Each Registration costs 15,000UAH. This amount has been set to minimise the number of fake profiles and insincere people on the site. The money goes towards site management by Ukraine Finance and we believe that it offers good value for money, given the access members have to each other and the huge costs in time and travel involved in alternative ways of agreeing an investment.

The representation service is available to both Investors and Businesses. This service costs an additional 15,000UAH per year and involves the initial communications between Investors and Business so that the represented party is anonymous.

This allows Investors and Businesses who do not want to be publicly known to use the site. However, Ukraine Finance will only communicate between the parties and will not play an advisory role.

Once the anonymous party is satisfied with the level of understanding between the Investor or Business, Ukraine Finance will introduce the parties to each other and will no longer be involved in the communications.

Discover the Power of Ukraine’s most Trustworthy Business Network

Ukraine Finance is excited to have developed our unique platform and have a team of dedicated specialist available to meet businesses and investors across Ukraine.

We would be delighted to speak at Chambers of Commerce, Entrepreneur and Investor Group events to explain what we do.
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Equally, we are available for individual meetings, both by Skype and in person.
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